WARING WGR200U 4 in 1 Multi Grill - Gloss Black & Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

WARING WGR200U 4 in 1 Multi Grill - Gloss Black & Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

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The Waring WGR200U 4 in 1 Multi Grill is great for preparing all kinds of food, from delicate pancakes to perfectly juicy steaks. Easy, versatile cooking This tabletop grill is a compact, simple yet effective answer for those who like to vary their cooking but don't want to use lots of different pots and pans, don't have space for a cooker, or just prefer a straightforward alternative. Cleverly designed, the Waring WGR200U features non-stick plates for easy, precise cooking and hassle-free cleaning. There's a ribbed grilling surface on one side that's great for preparing various meats or creating a textured effect, and a flat griddle surface on the reverse that's geared for whipping up any food that needs a smooth, level base, such as eggs. Change it up The 4-in-1 WGR200U 4 in 1 Multi Grill features a floating hinge that, when using the appliance as a contact grill, allows the top plate to rest gently and evenly over the food for best results. This thickness-adjusting feature makes it especially suited to cooking awkwardly-shaped food, such as paninis. Use the griddle or grill in its fully-open position for a double cooking surface that's ideal for larger quantities. Dynamic performance and simple maintenance Cook your food to perfection and in less time as the Waring WGR200U 4 in 1 Grill features fast heat up and variable temperature control, including a sear function. There's an integrated fat drainage system that lets you keep your cooking healthier by circumspectly collecting excess fats. The cooking plates are removable, and since they're dishwasher safe, you'll find it so easy to clean them. Enjoy great versatility and simplicity with the marvellous Waring WGR200U 4 in 1 Multi Grill .

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