Sandstrom STMFOB13 Electric Oven - Black, Black

Sandstrom STMFOB13 Electric Oven - Black, Black

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The clean-lined Sandstrom STMFOB13 Electric Oven features a glossy black finish, a number of accessories and touch sensitive controls. Multifunction cooking The 63-litre STMFOB13 Electric Oven is a multifunction oven, offering various heating methods which deliver perfect results for different dishes. Touch sensitive controls give you light, quick and easy control and the electric oven is programmable to suit your needs. Choose from one of the ten preset oven programmes or use one of the three cooking programme memories. One of the functions is an integrated grill, giving you the option to prepare healthy and succulent meat and fish dishes or put a crispy finish on a dish. Premium design The brushed stainless steel handle makes the STMFOB-13 simple to open and the slow-close door is a practical and stylish feature. Inside the oven is a telescopic rail which makes it simple to insert and remove shelves. Double illumination sheds clear light on the interior so you can monitor dishes without opening the door and losing heat. Practical accessories The Sandstrom oven is designed for those who like to cook. In addition to its smart looks and modern controls, the oven comes with handy accessories to help you with everyday cooking. A wire shelf, a grill pan and handle and a deep tray are invaluable to your everyday dishes and a meat probe helps you cook meat to the perfect temperature. Safety first Be sure of safety in your kitchen thanks to the numerous safety features of the STMFOB 13 . It has an automatic cooling fan to cool your oven rapidly, and also features a child lock to prevent small hands from causing harm. Simple cleaning Keep the oven looking pristine thanks to easy-clean enamel liners, along with a catalytic liner on the back wall of the oven. Grease and other dirt is broken down by the catalytic liner on the back, making it easy to wipe down, whilst the easy-clean enamel liners help to reduce the amount of time you'll spend cleaning the sides of your oven. All of this is aided by an excellent Aquaclean function. You can also flip down the upper grill heater to make it easier to clean. For those who love cooking and those who love kitchen style, the Sandstrom STMFOB13 Electric Oven is an all-round high-achiever.

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