Sandstrom SMMFOB13 Electric Oven - Black, Black

Sandstrom SMMFOB13 Electric Oven - Black, Black

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Designed with a striking, modern exterior and minimalistic controls, the Sandstrom SMMFOB13 Electric Oven is the perfect cooking appliance for all built-in kitchens. Complete cooking convenience The Sandstrom oven has a generous 63-litre cooking capacity and comes equipped with an integrated grill for all your cooking needs. Roast, bake and stew to perfection with this contemporary, multifunction oven. Dial controls and a digital display make it easy as pie to select a function and start to cook. A wire shelf allows you to accommodate baking trays and casserole dishes while the grill pan means you can enjoy quick grilled snacks. For ultimate ease of use, the SMMFOB13 oven has telescopic shelf guides. Simply and safely glide the shelf out to check or remove food. Easy maintenance With an easy-clean enamel interior and catalytic back wall, it's simple to maintain the SMMFOB13 oven. The removable easy-clean side liners and flip-down upper grill heater allow you to effectively clean all areas with minimal effort. This premium Sandstrom oven also comes with an effective AquaClean function. Pour a small amount of water into a baking tray, put it in the oven and select the AquaClean option. The programme will generate heat and steam, softening the dirt on the oven walls. After about half an hour all you have to do is wipe off the residue. Using no cleaners and little effort, the system gives great results and is environmentally friendly. Safety first To ensure a safe environment, the Sandstrom SMMFOB13 oven uses an automatic cooling fan to reduce heat levels when the oven is not in use. A handy child lock prevents small fingers from tampering with the oven, keeping things safe and ensuring peace of mind. The Sandstrom SMMFOB13 Electric Oven delivers an outstanding cooking performance in a stunning package.

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