Rangemaster Toledo 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Stainless Steel & Chrome, Stainless Steel

Rangemaster Toledo 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Stainless Steel & Chrome, Stainless Steel

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Offering versatility and superb functionality, the Rangemaster Toledo 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker brings innovation, creativity and cutting edge cooking technology to the kitchen. Decades of distinction With nearly 200 years of expertise, Rangemaster are masters at producing high quality, stylish kitchen equipment. Still manufactured at the same factory where it all began, through a combination of innovation, dedication and a reputation of producing superior quality products, Rangemaster have become one of the pre-eminent producers of range style cookers in Europe. Professional perfectionism Perfect for kitchen aficionados who want a professional touch in their home, the Toledo 110 is an ideal choice for larger kitchens and provides extensive features and options that allow even the most ambitious of culinary experimentations to be successfully attempted. Hosting five gas burners, a wok burner, two large capacity electric ovens, a dual circuit variable grill and a warming area, the Toledo 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker truly has everything needed to make your kitchen a bastion of quality cooking. A complete cooker With the two ovens offering a combined capacity of 145 litres there is ample room to prepare food fit for a feast. The electric main oven has an enormous capacity of 76 litres and is conventionally heated. A triple glazed viewing window provides a safe way to keep an eye on the status your meal and further to this, a convenient Handyrack tool allows you to quickly access food without having to reach into a hot oven cavity. Designed to conveniently swivel your food out of the oven when you open the door, it's a cleverly designed door mounted rack that is capable of holding large joints of meat securely. Allowing you to check the status of your meal quickly and easily, you can also use it to help baste meals, ensuring deliciously moist and succulent results. The secondary oven is also electric and is fan heated. With a 69 litre capacity, by making sure the heat is circulated around the oven, it creates the ideal environment for activities such as baking. Be it cakes or cookies, you'll be sure to enjoy superb treats by taking advantage of this cavernous cooking cavity. A separate grill provides an additional too in your arsenal of cooking features and provides a further tool when it comes to serving up perfect food - whatever you feel like cooking, the Toledo 110 gives you the functions you need to succeed. Give it some gas When it comes to hob-top cooking, the Toledo 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker offers five gas burners, all of which are fitted with durable cast iron pan supports. Offering the room and flexibility that allows you to keep multiple pots and pans heated simultaneously, you'll enjoy supreme control over the cooking process. Gas hobs are a great choice for serious chefs as they offer the advantage of excellent control - with the change in heat being rapid and extremely responsive, you can finely tune the burners to your exact demands, helping to ensure that whether you are frying, simmering or boiling, the heat you require is easily attainable. A wok burner is also included on the hob and provides the option of cooking up a variety of different food types - enjoy a great stir-fry or any number of oriental style dishes. Keeping conscious of safety, all gas supplied burners are connected up to a central flame supervision device. Should one of the hobs be accidently extinguished, the supply of gas will cut off, saving gas and preventing any potential dangerous situations. Clean and classy Helping to keep the interior of the oven clean, catalytic liners are used. Coated with micro-porous enamel, these liners absorb splashes and spills that occur during the everyday process of cooking. When heated up to high temperatures, these stains are burnt off, leaving surfaces easy to clean, with a simple wipe down returning the oven to pristine condition. Complimenting its impressive array of features, the Toledo 110 Dual Fuel Ra

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