Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 90 Induction Range Cooker - Cream & Chrome, Cream

Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 90 Induction Range Cooker - Cream & Chrome, Cream

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Enjoy your time in the kitchen by taking advantage of the many features and options packed into the Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 90 Induction Range Cooker . Expertise through experience With more than 200 years of expertise, Rangemaster are the masters of producing high quality, stylish kitchen equipment. With the Professional Deluxe 90 Induction , you'll enjoy the full range of benefits that their experience bequeaths, with a cooker that's cleverly designed to be full of features that let you prepare meals with the utmost confidence and finesse. Ideal for those who like the professional touch in a home environment, being only 90 cm wide this cooker is perfect for smaller kitchens yet doesn't sacrifice any functionality. Always in control Five induction hobs, two large capacity electric ovens and a dual circuit variable grill are at the heart of the Professional Deluxe 90 - a selection that means, regardless of how ambitious your culinary plans are, the features needed to get a perfect result are all right in front of you. With a range of options that make sure you're always in total control, you'll delight in using the Professional Deluxe 90 time and time again. Multiple functions, multiple ovens The main oven, with a capacity of 69 litres is multi-functional which provides you with a whole range of possibilities when it comes to ensuring the food you prepare is cooked to perfection. With 8 different settings, take the opportunity to select the one that best meets your requirements and enjoy the confidence of knowing that your meal will be done in just the way it should be. By using heating elements that are at the top and bottom of the oven, in conjuncture with a central fan, the Professional Deluxe 90 can customise the type of heat in the cavity to produce the perfect cooking environment for different types of cuisine. For example; the browning setting makes use of only the element at the top - making it perfect for producing a crisp and browned top on meals. Likewise, the base heat setting does exactly as implied and activates only the lower heating element, providing slow, gentle cooking. A fanned grill function makes sure food is grilled evenly throughout without the need to turn it while other options include a fanned, fan assisted, conventional and defrost modes. The secondary oven has a capacity of 66 litres and is configured in a vertical design. Fan heated, food inside benefits from the heat being evenly distributed throughout the entire cavity. This makes it ideal for jobs such as batch baking - indeed, because of the vertical layout, it's possible to bake on 4 levels simultaneously, perfect for when you're whipping up a round of biscuits or cookies. When cooking a Sunday roast, the Handyrack feature in the main oven lives up to its name. Capable of holding up to 5kg of meat, it's designed to conveniently swivel your food out of the oven when you open the door, allowing you to check the status of your meal quickly and easily. Efficien t and effective induction When it comes to the very latest in cooking technology, induction hobs area brilliant innovation that can help make your cooking experience soo simple, it almost feels like cheating. They're twice as efficient as gas hobs as well as being fast, safe and remarkably responsive - you'll have access to almost instantaneous heat whenever you need it. By utilizing electromagnetic energy, the pan is directly heated and not the hob. This means there is no residual heat and makes induction hob surfaces considerably safer than conventional cooker tops and greatly reduces the risk of any accidents. Another benefit to induction cooking is that due to lack of heat on the hob, it is very difficult to burn anything onto the cooking surface. When you're finished preparing your meal, simply wipe down the surface with a damp cloth and you're left with a clean hob - ready to go again whenever you are. Please note, that induction hobs require compatible kitchenware to functio

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