Rangemaster Elise 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker - China Blue & Chrome, Blue

Rangemaster Elise 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker - China Blue & Chrome, Blue

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The china blue and chrome Rangemaster Elise 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker gives your kitchen a soft yet eye-catching appearance, with broad cooking options and space. All-encompassing gas hob Create perfect eggs, delicate béchamel or perhaps a tasty authentic stir fry with the impressive hob on this cooker. Six gas burners give you the space you'll need for cookware of all sizes, making it the ideal cooker for entertaining large groups or attempting more ambitious dishes. Two large wok burners are on hand to accommodate larger pots and pans, giving you a full range of cooking options. Cast-iron pan supports are marvellously robust and keep things perfectly level and secure. With their sleek semi-gloss finish, they're brilliantly easy to clean too. Cavernous cooking cavities The Rangemaster Elise 11-0 Dual Fuel Cooker houses two large 69-litre electric ovens to meet all your culinary requirements. In the main oven you'll enjoy excellent multifunctional performance, including a defrost function, a conventional oven, a browning element and the use of base heat. Achieve an incredible variety of heat effects for juicy roasts with crackling skin, tender casseroles and much more. The fanned second oven is ideal for preparing secondary dishes, batch baking or even roasting another piece of meat. With its perfectly even heat distribution, it will also allow you to cook several similar items at once, ideal for when you're preparing pizzas for large groups. Further cooking features Keeping your options open, the Rangemaster Elise 11 0 is also fitted with a separate grill, ideal for healthy cooking or achieving browned and crisped effects on your meat, fish and vegetables. Its smooth glide-out action makes for easy loading and unloading of food, and checking on the progress of your meal is so much simpler and safer too. An innovative Handyrack in the main oven slides out with the oven door, making it easier to check on roasts without burning your fingers. Cost-effective cooker with easy maintenance Both ovens in the Rangemaster Elise 1 10 Range Cooker feature catalytic liners, which heat the ovens to a high temperature and oxidise all spillages and food debris for easy wiping away. This great technology takes the headache and backache out of cleaning the oven. A storage drawer is provided to hold all your essential cookware, so everything is within easy reach. Rated 'A' for energy efficiency, this cooker is economical to run and has a much lower environmental impact - that's why its recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Enjoy the comfortable usability and gorgeous looks of its stylish controls and co-ordinated soft brushed aluminium trim, lending striking front profile definition. Defined by a sophisticated design with a continental flair, the Rangemaster Elise 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker in china blue and chrome will inspire you to new daily culinary heights every day.

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