Rangemaster Classic 90 Electric Range Cooker - Blue & Chrome, Blue

Rangemaster Classic 90 Electric Range Cooker - Blue & Chrome, Blue

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The Rangemaster Classic 90 Electric Range Cooker looks stately in blue and chrome, offering two large cavities and a large hob to handle all manner of kitchen challenges. A true classic From its bevelled doors, graceful windows and towel rail, to its spacious interior, this range cooker offers classic capabilities to handle your every culinary dream. The main oven is fully programmable, and the appliance also includes a separate grill for more specialist cooking techniques. You'll really feel the benefits of its 69 litres of space, accommodating all those large roasts, lasagnes and cookie batches. The secondary cavity offers equally liberal space, with 67 litres of space to take on an additional roast or supplementary dishes to your big feast. The separate electric grill runs off a dual circuit, and since it's variable, it allows you to achieve all manner of crisping and browning effects for positively mouth-watering results. Both cavities feature fanned heat, which dynamically distributes the heat for beautifully even and succulently thorough cooking every time. This technology also enables you to defrost certain items quickly and effectively, sparing the need to constantly use the microwave. Red-hot hob action The Rangemaster Classic 90 Range Cooker offers a beautifully smooth ceramic hob with five elements to accommodate all your various pots and pans. The ceramic hob not only offers simple and convenient cooking prowess, but the smooth surface looks great and is very easy to maintain. Handy options and safety features Completing the package, the Rangemaster Classic 90 features essential safety and usability features to make your every culinary expedition an easy delight. The innovative Handyrack affixed to the main oven door enables you to check your roasts without needing to touch the pan or oven, sparing you considerable hassle and more than one burned finger. The hob is equipped with hot hob indicators that clearly show when its surface is too hot to touch, so you can cook with confidence and peace of mind knowing that everyone is safer for this feature. Smooth, sturdy bar handles facilitate easy, reliable opening and closing of the oven doors so that you can load and unload dishes with speed and surety. Choose the Rangemaster Classic 90 Electric Range Cooker in blue and chrome to add incredible, distinctive good looks to your kitchen, teamed with a truly impressive range of cooking features and options.

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