New World UIH60S Integrated Cooker Hood - Silver, Silver

New World UIH60S Integrated Cooker Hood - Silver, Silver

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The New World UIH-60S Integrated Cooker Hood will perfectly clear the air in your kitchen and lend the room a great silvery accent. Powerful extractor If your kitchen's atmosphere is getting clogged up with smoke, vapour or just a bad smell, this exceptional cooker hood is the answer. With 3 fan speeds, it will directly tackle any airborne issues, making things clear and breathable in no time. Choose a lower speed for minor vapours, or crank it up to deal with smoke and powerful odours. Convenient use Not only is it a powerful performer, but the U-IH60-S Cooker Hood is easy to use. Its simply operable slider controls are the answer when you need to act fast - smoothly select the power level you need and watch as it swiftly deals with the problem. The hood is fitted with an acrylic filter that extracts nasty grease particles from the air, so it fully clears things up and doesn't only remove superficial vapours. It's washable, so you can re-use and also be assured that it's performing brilliantly at all times. A tungsten bulb provides bright, clear illumination so that even when you're not using the hood, you can see exactly what's cooking. The New World UIH-60S Integrated Cooker Hood in silver is the answer for any smoggy, smelly kitchen.

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