New World NW901DOP Electric Double Oven - Black, Black

New World NW901DOP Electric Double Oven - Black, Black

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The New World NW901DOP Electric Double Oven will look fantastic built into your modern kitchen providing you with all the cooking functionality that you may need for roasting, baking and grilling. Ready for a roast? The NW901DOP boasts a large 63-litre fanned oven which provides an even temperature throughout and a much faster cooking time for your food. This is great for cooking a Sunday roast or a scrumptious dessert. This New World appliance is coupled with a smaller 35-litre conventional oven which delivers more traditional cooking where the top of the oven is hotter than at the bottom so you can simultaneously cook different dishes. Great grilling The top cavity of this Double Oven also doubles as a variable grill which you can control by the dials on the front of the cooker. This is great for when you want to roast something in the main oven while browning the top of another dish for the same meal time. This Double Oven is fully programmable with an LED timer so you can let your oven do the hard work while you get on with other bits that you enjoy. Energy efficient The NW901DOP Electric Double Oven boasts an A rating for energy efficiency so it will save you money while let you have a clear conscious for your environmental impact. For an excellent cooking solution, look no further than the New World NW901DOP Electric Double Oven.

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