New World NW601F Electric Oven - Black & Metallic Purple, Black

New World NW601F Electric Oven - Black & Metallic Purple, Black

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The New World NW-601F Electric Oven gives you the space and power you need to take your cooking to a higher level, whilst also giving your kitchen a sharp look with its metallic purple finish. Big on the inside There are 58 litres available in the NW-601F to accommodate your roasts, trays, dishes and other items - it will handle virtually any cooking task. You get double-oven capacity in a single cavity. Included is a variable electric grill with both a high and a low setting, giving you greater flexibility and creativity. It's the best way to cook healthier meals, or to add inviting crispy browning to your dishes. Thanks to the smooth drop-down door, you'll find it superbly easy to load and unload dishes. Versatility through fanned power A powerful fan enables the NW-601-F Oven to give you beautifully even results chock-full of appetizing juiciness. Combine the fan with other functions to boost cooking speeds and create more varied results. Using the fan, you can circulate air around your food for gentle, even defrosting - a more precise way to thaw delicate items such as cream gateaux or cheesecakes. Your food can be perfectly browned whilst keeping in all the lovely juices with the fanned grilling feature, or you can go as far as creating an economical spit or rotisserie effect. Energy-saving oven with easy maintenance The New World N-W601-F Single Oven is very energy efficient, its Class A rating that means you save money and cut down your carbon footprint - it's simply a much more environmentally friendly appliance. With an easy-clean enamel interior, all you need to do by way of cleaning is quickly wipe mess and spillages away for amazingly hassle-free maintenance. The New World NW-601F Electric Oven in metallic purple leaves you happy in the knowledge that your kitchen looks that much more chic and your cooking will be that much more delicious.

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