New World NW601F Electric Oven - Black & Metallic Green, Black

New World NW601F Electric Oven - Black & Metallic Green, Black

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A dynamic new cooking partner for your culinary exploits, the New World NW-601F Electric Oven has the space and power to take your cooking to the next level, and gives your kitchen a fresh look with its metallic green finish. Filled with space The NW-601F boasts 58 litres of space to accommodate all your roasts, trays, dishes and other varied items, and is up to whatever you've got to throw at it. Get double-oven capacity in a single cavity. The variable electric grill offers a high and a low setting to give you greater flexibility and creativity. It's perfect for healthier foods, or to add enticing crisping and browning to your dishes. You'll find it superbly easy to load and unload dishes via the drop-down door. Fan power Fanned technology enables the NW-601-F Oven to give you far more even results crammed with luscious moisture, and you can combine the fan with other functions to cut down cooking times and create diverse results. The fanned defrost feature circulates air around your food for gentle and even defrosting, especially suited to delicate items such as cream gateaux or cheesecakes. The fanned grilling feature browns food while retaining all their lovely juices. It also creates an economical spit or rotisserie effect. Saves energy, minimizes hassle A Class A rating makes the New World N-W601-F Single Oven extremely energy efficient, saving you money and cutting down your carbon footprint for better Eco-friendliness. The oven also features an easy-clean enamel interior so all you need do is quickly wipe mess and spillages away for hassle-free maintenance. Pick the New World NW-601F Electric Oven in metallic green and know that your kitchen looks smarter and your cooking will be that much better with it.

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