Logik LFSTG50W Gas Cooker with Fridge Freezer & Washing Machine

Logik LFSTG50W Gas Cooker with Fridge Freezer & Washing Machine

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Enjoy kitchen simplicity when you bring home the Logik LFSTG50W Gas Cooker with Fridge Freezer & Washing Machine , featuring everything you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Safety and practicality Fitted with Flame Safety Devices on each burner for peace of mind, and featuring an enamel interior for easy cleaning, the LFSTG50W FSD Gas Cooker lets you prepare tasty family meals with ease in its thermostat-controlled conventional gas main oven, or whip up a quick pizza or grilled sandwich snack in its grill. Mains ignition and easy front-mounted controls make operation of the oven, grill and hob straightforward and simple. Convenient storage The large 138 litre fridge compartment in the LFC55W13 Fridge Freezer has a whole host of features to help you store food conveniently. There are three shelves in total; two of these are adjustable toughened glass shelves that can be moved to suit the food that you're storing. The salad crisper keeps fresh fruit and vegetables crisp and tasty. There's also an egg rack. Deep freeze The LFC-55W13 features a 64-litre freezer compartment with four drawers. The clear drawers make it easy to see what you have frozen so you won't have to unload your freezer to find the bag of frozen vegetables. There is also an ice tray in the 4-star freezer that allows you to store iced products, and is ideal for making your own ice cubes. Frost-free technology Fridge freezers can become blocked with frost as they are being used, reducing their efficiency. However, the LFC55-W13 uses frost-free technology to prevent it from becoming full of frost. The best news for you is that you can save time and effort as you won't have to manually defrost your fridge freezer. Wash more at once The L712WM13 Washing Machine has a generously sized drum that can contain up to 7 kg of clothing and spins at 1200 rpm, meaning that you'll benefit from laundry days that are efficient; with more clothes being cleaned per cycle, you'll cut down on the amount of times you need to run the machine. Features that help The L712WM13 comes with many handy features that are designed to make the chore of wash day that little bit easier. From a porthole that opens up a full 180° to allow you to quickly fill and empty the machine, to a convenient delay timer that lets you choose the start time of your wash up to 24 hours in advance - it's the little touches that add up and mean you save time and are able to spend time on more important matters. Cares about your clothes With 15 different wash programmes, it doesn't matter how soiled your laundry is or what type of fabric you need to clean, the L712WM13 helps to ensure that you'll always be able get your garments clean without problem. For when you're in a rush, an express wash function lets you get clothes clean in a remarkably fast 15 minutes - with cleaning this quick you'll never be stuck for something to wear. With other programmes that are specifically designed to cater for various fabric types and situations you'll be able to wash all manner of clothes; ranging from delicates to wool, synthetics to sportswear - the L712WM13 will make sure your garments are cleaned in a safe and effective manner. Enjoy excellent efficiency Boasting an A+ energy rating, you'll find the L712WM13 to be friendly both to the environment and your energy bills. Simple to use, it's easy to select the cycle you want thanks to an electronic programme selector. Simply use the intuitive dial and button configuration to choose your wash and your clothes will be sloshing around in no time. Thanks to a prominent LED screen you'll be able to take in information about the state cycle at a glance. Keep your kitchen running smoothly with the Logik LFSTG50W Gas Cooker with Fridge Freezer & Washing Machine . _______________________________________ PLEASE NOTE: Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheate

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