Hotpoint HM325NI 50/50 Static Built in Fridge Freezer in White

Hotpoint HM325NI 50/50 Static Built in Fridge Freezer in White

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The Hotpoint HM325NI Built In Fridge Freezer leads the line in both innovation and design. This appliance uses an annual energy consumption of 291kwh and has been given an A+ energy rating meaning you can save money on your running costs. The HM325NI offers an impressive 155 litres of space and the freezer holds 85 litres in its storage compartment. It is the ideal model if you have a larger family. Programmes features include the Super Cool setting which uses the Quick Chill setting to cool the fridge when a large amount of food has been placed inside. Additional features include Anti Bacterial protection. This is a special coating that has been put on the inside of the appliance to keep your fridge looking and smelling fresh by eliminating the build up of mould and odours. There is also the added bonus of 10 hour power conservation in the unlikely event of a power cut. The sound of this model has been measured at 41(db) and is no greater than a normal conversation.

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