Hoover HDO906X Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

Hoover HDO906X Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

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The Hoover HDO-906X Electric Double Oven completes your kitchen with its stainless steel finish and comprehensive cooking power. Get more cooking done Take advantage of the spacious interior of this Hoover double oven, with a 39-litre top oven and 54-litre bottom cavity to accommodate all your food preparation needs. Roast, bake and casserole in the main oven while grilling fish, vegetables or other meat in the top cavity. There's a full-width variable grill built into the top compartment to provide you with a healthier cooking option or a way to deliciously brown your food. The great combination of space and facilities in the Hoover HDO906X lets you cook larger quantities of food at the same time. Smooth, easy oven usability Multifunctional in the main oven and using conventional heat in the top cavity to provide you with a full range of food preparation options, it couldn't be easier to operate this electric double oven. Fully programmable, the HDO 906X offers touch controls for exceptionally smooth and intuitive operation. This modern feature lends a sense of calm and fluidity to your every culinary endeavour. Set it to cook your food in just the way you want, timing each meal to perfection. Open and close the appliance calmly and effortlessly with stylish stainless steel handles that add a premium finish. Kitchen safety It's always important to protect yourself and your family while you're cooking, and the Hoover HD-O906X Double Oven includes fully extendable safety shelves designed to come to a secure stop. As well as preventing accidental drops and spillages, their straightforward accessibility is ideal for basting and tasting. Two 35 mm trays and a grill pan set are included to start you on the road to mouth-wateringly memorable cooking. The stainless steel Hoover HDO-906X Electric Double Oven offers style and all you could ask for in the kitchen.

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