Homeking HUZ107.1 107 Litre Built-Under Freezer in White

Homeking HUZ107.1 107 Litre Built-Under Freezer in White

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The Home King HUZ107 Built Under Counter Freezer has been A rated for its energy efficiency. This is beneficial to your energy usage and running costs. This model has a capacity of 86 litres and features 3 storage compartments.Features include High Temperature Warning Reversible Doors and an Adjustable Thermostat which is ideal for achieving perfect temperature control. The High Temperature Warning alerts the user if the temperature on the inside of the cabinet has become too high for the storage of food.The noise levels have been measured at 41(db) which is particularly discreet when you consider that the average conversation between two people is between 60(db) and 70(db).

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