George Foreman GRV120 Health Grill - Black, Black

George Foreman GRV120 Health Grill - Black, Black

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Cook a wide range of foods quickly and easily and help to serve up healthier fare to your family with the George Foreman GRV120 Health Grill . Give it a grilling Letting you prepare almost anything, from sausages to steaks, chicken to a cheese toastie, the GRV120 is the ideal way to whip up fast and tasty meals in no time. With a 774 cm² cooking surface, this grill is capable of holding up to 7 chicken breasts at once, meaning you can cook enough for multiple people in one go. Healthier results The sloped design ensures that the fat and grease that run off from the food during cooking are drained forward and can be collected in the supplied drip tray. The included spatula helps you tend to your food - it's never been so easy to make healthy and tasty dishes. An extended handle lets you safely open the grill during use and a power indicator on the lid will let you know when the grill is on, helping to prevent accidents. Hassle free At only 3.97 kg the GRV120 grill is easy to pack up and store away when not in use. It's also easy to clean so you can keep it in pristine condition with minimal effort. Delivering effort-free, healthy and delicious food quickly, the George Foreman GRV10 Health Grill is a practical and convenient addition to any kitchen.

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