George Foreman 5 Portion Grill - 17873

George Foreman 5 Portion Grill - 17873

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The George Foreman 17873 grill lets you cook all your favourite food in a healthy way but in a fraction of the normal cooking time. By grilling from both the bottom and top simultaneously, food cooks over twice as fast, plus unwanted fat and grease is channelled away into the drip tray provided, for a much tastier and healthier bite. The size of the grill allows you to cook up to 5 portions of food making it the ideal grill if you are cooking for the whole family. A healthy way to eat with the George Foreman 5 Portion Family Grill - 17873. Features:. ; Cooks up to 5 porttions of food. ; Ready to cook indicator light. ; Floating hinge enables cooking of extra thick food. ; Sloped Grill channels fat & grease in to separate drip tray. ; Non stick finish on grill plates. ; Extended handle for ease of use. ; Thermostatically controlled. ; Cord storage. ; Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee

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