Bosch Logixx PIE375C14E 30cm Induction Domino Hob in Black Glass

Bosch Logixx PIE375C14E 30cm Induction Domino Hob in Black Glass

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Bosch Logixx PIE375C14E 30cm Induction Domino Hob in Black GlassThe Bosch Logixx PIE375C14E Domino Induction Hob has been designed to provide kitchen designers and chefs with the flexibility to create a mixed-fuel or mixed-appliance environment. Domino offers the option to mount several units side by side to create a bespoke cooking centre for example: - mounting an Induction hob next to a Gas hob and a Wok unit or alternatively a Teppanyaki hotplate or an inset Deep-fat fryer. This is an ideal model for fitting into confined areas where space is at a premium.Each of the Induction zones on this Logixx model has a fully variable 9 stage power controller ideal for making fine heating adjustments. An Automatic Pan Detection system ensures that the induction zones only power-up when a suitable steel or iron cooking vessel is detected. Additionally this model is fitted with a Small Utensil Detector designed to prevent the hob from heating up any cooking utensils placed on the hob unit.Induction cooking is the most recent innovation in domestic cooking and has been designed to bring together the economy and efficiency of electric cooking with the instant heat control of a gas appliance. An Induction hob is faster and more energy efficient than either the traditional Radiant Ring or Ceramic Glass electric hob unit and provides the instant finger-tip control of cooking and simmering associated with a gas burner.

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