Bosch Avantixx PPQ716B91E 70cm Frameless Gas Hob in Black Glass

Bosch Avantixx PPQ716B91E 70cm Frameless Gas Hob in Black Glass

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The frameless design of the Bosch PPQ716B91E gas hob adds a touch of sophistication to this contemporarily styled model which is further enhanced by the low profile bevelled edge and the tempered Black Glass base. The Avantixx PPQ716B91E is a 70cm wide multi-burner gas hob comprising of four burners surrounding a powerful centrally mounted 4kW Wok burner. The outer burners include an economical 1kW burner two highly efficient 1.7kW burners and a large 3kW High Speed burner. All burners are fitted with Flame Failure safety features designed to automatically turn off the gas supply if the cooking flame is extinguished. Five fully variable burner controls are mounted on the front edge of the hob for ease of access and incorporate electric ignition for ease of use.The 1kW Economy burner has a compact gas rosette which is more economical and energy efficient when using smaller pots and pans. The 3kW High Speed burner is fitted with a large radial rosette and a high speed jet which is ideal for larger cooking vessels. The 4kW Wok burner is fitted with a large triple array burner designed to deliver intense heat evenly across the whole of the Wok base which is essential for fast efficient stir-fry cooking. The Bosch PPQ716B91E can be converted to operate on Natural Gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas. The hob is supplied pre-fitted with the natural gas jets and a set of LPG jets are included in the box with the hob.

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