Belling CH90TX Electric Hob - Black, Black

Belling CH90TX Electric Hob - Black, Black

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The Belling CH-90TX Electric Hob is a beautiful wide hob in a deep black finish that provides seamless easy control and powerful heating to achieve perfection with all your dishes. High powered hob As well as 9 precision-control power levels, the CH-90-TX Hob features a Fastlite element that offers far quicker heat-up time than standard ceramic elements. There's a hob element sealed under the ceramic hob that rapidly gets hotter so you can save time cooking or heating up things when you most need to. The ceramic hotplate itself is a generous 90cm wide with 4 elements in 3 sizes, offering loads of cooking room and the facility to accommodate all your different pots and pans. There is also a great auto-heat up feature. Fantastically functional features The CH-90T-X Electric Hob has front-mounted touch controls so you can effortlessly tap in commands and settings, achieving the ideal cooking conditions in a flash. Its great timer function lets you hit the mark with each dish, and alerts you whenever the time you've set has expired. In terms of design convenience, this great Belling ceramic hob can also be fit perfectly flush if needed, giving your kitchen a really streamlined look. Safety for you With any cooker unit, safety is important at all times, and the Belling C-H90T-X has child safety locks preventing children from accessing the controls. In addition, there's an auto-switch off feature, and hot hob lights to show clearly when the hob is too hot to touch. With all this space, power and a flawless appearance, your kitchen can only benefit from the Belling CH-90TX Electric Hob .

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