Belling CH60TX Ceramic Hob - Black, Black

Belling CH60TX Ceramic Hob - Black, Black

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Sleek good looks aren't all there is to the Belling CH-60TX Ceramic Hob - beneath its smooth black surface is a stack of versatile cooking power that's sure to give you hours of gastronomic creative pleasure. Pure power The CH-60-TX Hob offers 9 power levels so that you can achieve total perfection with all your dishes. The Fastlite elements consist of a hob element sealed under the ceramic hob, and provide extremely rapid heat-up time in comparison to standard ceramic elements. There's an auto-heat up facility, and the 4 elements are configured in 2 sizes to comfortably accommodate all pot and pan sizes you may require. Total control The front-mounted touch control panel makes it both simple and safe to quickly tap in the exact temperatures and settings you want. The CH-60T-X Electric Hob thus creates a more seamless and relaxing cooking procedure that will really improve time spent in the kitchen. Magnificent maintenance One of the hob's best features is its easy-clean surface, which cuts down annoying maintenance time by enabling you to wipe it clean in no time. The Belling C-H60TX Ceramic Hob also offers the benefit of flush fitting if you need a completely smooth, unbroken worktop in your kitchen, so it combines its jet black good looks with real practicality. Safe as houses Aiming to keep the family safe, there are a variety of superb safety features on this great hob. The Belling C-H60TX can be locked to prevent children from reaching the controls, and there's a hot hob light that stays on while the hob it too hot to touch. In addition, the hob has an auto shut-off feature to quickly and decisively prevent any accidents. Offering the best in modern features and style, the Belling CH-60TX Ceramic Hob is a must-have for the contemporary kitchen.

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