AEG MC2664E-B Built-in Solo Microwave - Black, Black

AEG MC2664E-B Built-in Solo Microwave - Black, Black

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Give yourself more options to whip up fantastic food by using the AEG MC-2664E-B Built-in Solo Microwave alongside your existing oven. Choose your weapon Warm, cook and defrost your food and drink with the MC-2664EB Microwave . Its 900 watts and 5 power levels are versatile enough to gently heat liquids or defrost a big turkey. It offers a large 26-litre capacity that comfortably fits into a standard 60 cm niche, perfect for most kitchens. Feel free to cook larger dishes and really open up your culinary output. Auto programmes and more On top of its 5 levels of flexible cooking power, the MC-266-4EB offers powerful and versatile auto-weight cooking and defrosting features. Accurately cook, reheat or defrost your meat, vegetables, fish or other ingredients by simply entering the food type and weight, then letting the microwave do all the hard work. Remove the guesswork from microwave cooking and get perfect results more often. There's also a quick start function that enables you to cook at high power for 30 seconds - this feature can be used 5 consecutive times for added convenience when you're heating up drinks or small dishes. Whether you're cooking, reheating or defrosting, you'll enjoy great flexibility with different programs for each cooking phase, with consistently excellent results. Simple Simon The rotary and push button controls on the MC-2664EB Integrated Microwave are incredibly easy and intuitive to use, and the big, clear digital display gives you all the information you need to cook with total confidence and control. Since it's an active display, you can even adjust your settings whilst the microwave is working to keep things versatile and cook your food just how you want it. The display also acts as a 24-hour digital clock, and the auto timer facility is programmable, so you can really increase your cooking accuracy for more mouth-watering meals. Safety features and usability To keep you and your family safe, the microwave's controls can be locked to prevent accidental setting changes. There's a power save mode to prevent energy wastage, and the audible cooking end signal clearly lets you know when it's finished. The included sturdy glass turntable is up to any task with its smooth and durable construction. This great AEG MC-266-4EB Single Microwave is suitable for undercounter installation, and it doesn't even require a kit for the purpose. You'll enjoy and achieve modern cooking at its very best with the AEG MC-2664E-B Built-in Solo Microwave .

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